Silence is Golden When You Have a Nude Woman on Screen

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Silence is Golden When You Have a Nude Woman ...

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Description : When you see a beautiful woman in front of you, completely nude, you really don’t need any words. At that point, silence is truly golden. In the short silent film Lillith on Vimeo (link below) a beautiful woman is nude for three glorious minutes. She opens closet doors, she lies on a bed, she takes a shower, and she stares off into space--all while wearing nothing at all. This is one of those videos where it is hard to pick a favorite scene. Sure, you could pick the scene of her walking down the hall, her breasts and shaved bush wet from the shower, or you could pick the scene of her walking towards the closet because you get a glance at her amazing ass, but why pick one scene when you can just declare every scene as great! It is hard to believe that all films used to be silent films. In the days of John William mutant trumpet noises, computer-generated monsters fighting computer-generated robots and Keanu Reeves, filmmaking has been all about deafening sounds. I think all filmma

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